NEW Album/EP Walking Nowhere released May 19

NEW Album/EP Walking Nowhere released May 19 for Schaufel&Besen Records


Schaufel & Besen Label

'A band romance that started at a zombie session melts us away. Zoro Cane, originally a singer and songwriter, found two brothers in spirit - the drummer Sebi at a zombie session in 2021 and mobilized his longtime friend Zeka (a luminary on the bass guitar) and has been touring as a rock band ever since. More precisely: as a bitingly sharp power trio. The Zoro Cane name has stuck, as have the fantastic lyrics. The band's motivation is easy to see: the three musicians have fun with what they do and that quickly rubs off on the audience. From now on as part of our label family.

Danceable surf guitar, blues-inspired, psychedelic melodies, to spinning, progressive sound collages and hard punk riffs. Somewhere between garage rock, post-punk and alternative, rounded off by the unique vocals of the singer, guitarist, songwriter and namesake of the band: Zoro Cane.'

Zoro Cane is now part of Munich's Schaufel & Besen Record Label

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